$150 million budget approved for Siem Reap road infrastructure

Siem Reap’s infrastructure projects are designed to expand the portfolio of industries operating in the province. Supplied.

September 4, 2020 – Prime Minister Hun Sen approved a $150 million budget to develop a 38-road infrastructure in the tourist hotspot of Siem Reap.

“Although our country still faces Covid-19 cases, it has not affected the development of the country,” said the Prime Minister.

Siem Reap is known to be Cambodia’s primary tourist destination esteemed for its Angkor Wat temples and the surrounding eco-tourism hotspots. Aside from being a tourist destination, the Siem Reap province is also the 2nd largest population center in the Kingdom; home to over 1 million residents according to the General Population Census 2019.

The Siem Reap province also serves as an important economic corridor linking the Battambang province to the rest of the Kingdom. The Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MWPT) is currently overseeing a number of road rehabilitation projects in Siem Reap city’s ring road.

The 38-road infrastructure project has been in the pipeline of the Ministry of Public Works and Transports for quite some time. Last June 2020, the MPWT prioritized the development of the road infrastructure masterplan during its major planning session.

“Now is the time to study the master plan for the redevelopment of Siem Reap’s road infrastructure, as we did for other tourist hotspots like Sihanoukville. This is to promote the national image through international tourists,” said HE Sun Chanthol, Minister for Public Works and Transport.

“Once completed, this infrastructure project will highly ease people’s livelihoods and boost national economic growth once the COVID-19 crisis passes,” said Prime Minister Hun Sen when he approved the infrastructure project.

From: https://www.realestate.com.kh/news/150-million-usd-approved-for-siem-reap-road-infrastructure/